Why invest in a startup? 

Advimotion brings together a community of active investors: business angels, individuals, investment funds, corporate funds, crowdequity.

Contributing to job creation

At each stage of its life, a startup conducts research, develops and increases its workforce. Each fund raising translates into job creation. Investing in a startup allows you to participate directly in its growth and the emergence of new jobs.

Participate in an entrepreneurial adventure 

Investing in a startup is the starting point of a rich entrepreneurial adventure. You commit yourself alongside bold and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. You have the opportunity to contribute your expertise and know-how. In addition, you will witness the evolution of a startup and follow the results of your investments.

Benefit from a tax advantage

You can benefit from a tax reduction if you participate in the capital increase of small companies.

If you are subject to income tax, you can deduct 18% of the amount invested in an SME, up to a limit of 50,000 euros for a single person or 100,000 euros for married or civil union partners subject to joint taxation.

Our public references

Advimotion has carried out dozens of operations: fundraising, public subsidies, bank loans and outsourced CFO start-up missions.

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Supporting innovative startups

We carefully select the startups we work with.

Thanks to a rigorous methodology, we select ambitious startups wishing to raise funds. We take into account key elements to ensure their success: product/service innovation, market size, competitive positioning, solidity of the management team.

We work mainly with startups in the tech sector: Saas, digital, medtech, fintech, marketplace.

Each project we work on is an opportunity for you to invest and create value.

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