Fundraising and M&A

As a fundraiser and financial adviser, we offer comprehensive legal and financial support in line with your financing objectives and your stage of business development.

Advimotion assists SMEs and start-ups in fund raising and external growth operations.

Seed Capital Raising and Series A

We support you in your search for financing, from the drafting of investor documentation to the handing over of the funds.

  • Investor documentation: pitch deck, teaser and financial forecasts
  • Calculation of the valuation by different methods
  • Pitch training with a show professional
  • Search for investors (business angels, VC, corporate venture)
  • Negotiation of the shareholders’ agreement and structuring of the transaction

Investor documentation

Benefit from the experience of a fundraiser to write your pitch deck and financial forecast.

An indispensable tool for convincing investors and bank financiers, writing a business plan is a complex, time-consuming and demanding exercise. By delegating the writing of your business plan to us, you save time and obtain a quality and professional result. This way, you maximise your chances of attracting the attention of investors and obtaining a second meeting.

We work in a logic of training to enable you to master the different projections and be convincing to investors.

Acquisition and sale of businesses

You need a support in selling your company to individual entrepreneurs or large groups.

  • Search for counterparties in line with market trends
  • Realistic and attractive financial forecast
  • Protection of the interests of the founders and shareholders
  • Due diligence, structuring, negotiation and closing

Strategic advice and financial management

As an outsourced CFO for start-ups, Advimotion accompanies companies over the long term in preparation for a fund raising, to manage the financing received or to develop you in self-financing.

We enable you to analyse the impact of your investments on your turnover, your acquisition costs, the productivity of your employees and many other indicators to follow in order to reach your objectives.

We also facilitate communication with your investors by establishing efficient and transparent processes.

  • Drawing up the budget and business plan
  • Search for non-dilutive financing
  • Review of the business model and advice on strategy
  • Implementation of KPIs, budget monitoring and analysis of the profitability of investments

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