Strategic advice and financial management

Advimotion positions itself as your right-hand man in charge of finance.

1. Writing of the business plan and financial forecast

We make financial projections over 3 years (projected income statement, balance sheet, projected cash flow…) in order to keep a medium/long term vision. We also draw up budgets in order to anticipate any cash flow problems.

2. Regular monitoring and profitability analysis

We analyse your company's financial situation (process, cost and results analysis) and identify any discrepancies that appear between forecasts and reality in order to understand and be able to explain the results obtained by the company.

3. Strategic advice

We help you to judge the effectiveness of your strategic choices and the possibilities of pivoting with a view to improving your profitability.

4. Search for financing

We contact potential investors (investment funds, banks, business angels) and carry out the necessary financing research.

5. Reporting to investors

We manage the relationship between your company, banks and investors by providing the requested financial documents.

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