Acquisition and sale of businesses

Advimotion supports you in your business acquisition or sale project so that your interests are preserved and the operation is carried out under the best conditions.

1. Preparation

Acquisition : Together, we set up strategic criteria: the desired activity, turnover, break-even point, level of debt, type of client, number of employees, lease, scope of intervention, location, etc.

Sale : The first step consists of analysing all aspects of your company: getting to know the project, valuation and diagnosis of the company in order to determine a valuation range as close as possible to the market reality.

2. Search for counterparties

Acquisition : Research and production of a list of targets accompanied by analyses on each targeted company.

Sale : Search and selection of buyers. We define together a list of potential buyers. We then contact them with approach documents (teaser, one pager).

3. Negotiations

Acquisition : We help you to negotiate the conditions for the acquisition of the company. We also assist you in drafting the Letter Of Intent (LOI).

Sale : We take care of contacting the targeted companies. We organise discussions with the various buyers in order to obtain the best financial offer for you.

4. Due diligence

Support during the audit phase of the target company's activity (acquisition) or to exchange with the acquirers' consulting firms (sale).

5. Closing

We take care of organising the legal implementation of the agreement between the two parties. We conduct the negotiations until the signature of the deeds of purchase or sale of the company which materialize the success of the operation until the effective payment.

Are you looking to acquire or sell a business? We are available to discuss!