Seed capital raising and Series A round

We support you step by step until you obtain financing.

1. Preparation

Audit: After a kick-off meeting, we audit your company and study the business model and all documents produced with a critical eye. All questions raised during this phase will potentially be questions raised by investors.

Investor documentation: We prepare the documents necessary to convince investors: the pitch deck and the financial forecast.

Pitch training: We train you to present your project to investors in the most efficient way possible.

2. Roadshow

We contact the investors whose profile and appetite best match your core business. For appointments, you can go alone or we can accompany you in order to be at your side on the most technical points.

3. Negotiations

Once the first letters of intent have been issued, we advise you on valuation adjustments, the amount of the investment and the main clauses of the latter so that the investment is made under the best conditions. This saves time on the drafting of the shareholders' agreement.

4. Due diligence

Investors interested in your business will commission specialized firms to audit your finances, legal documents and accounting. This process will be made easier thanks to our upstream preparation.

5. Closing

Assistance in the legal structuring and implementation of the transaction with the assistance of a quality lawyer. We also assist you in the negotiation of the shareholders' agreement.

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