Writing of the business plan

For the company Bowo

Company's incorporate year: 2017

Mission type: Realization of the business plan and implementation reporting tools for the management and the investors

About the company

Digital solution available in room to allow hoteliers to place the personalization of services at the heart of the customer relationship. The device developed by Bowo includes a touch-sensitive tablet, a magnetic docking station acting as a wireless charger, and the Bowo application, installed directly on the tablet. The application is connected to an ergonomic back-office, allowing the hotelier to access the traveller's consumption data in real time.

About the mission

From the completion of the business plan to the implementation of reporting tools, Bowo benefited from complete support from Advimotion.

Advimotion's teams have built an accurate financial forecast for a complex business model as well as an efficient reporting tool to communicate with my investors.

Jonathan Chenière, CEO of Bowo

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