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Why get support for your fundraising ?

Our fundraising support is complete:

  • From the audit phase, to the realization of the investor documents (pitch deck, business plan). From the search for investors, to the roadshow (tour of investors to pitch) and finally to the negotiation of the letters of intent and the shareholders’ agreement.

Throughout the process, the manager and his team are never alone and benefit from the expertise of the fundraiser.

Lastly, fundraising support has several advantages:

  • Benefit from the fundraiser’s network (VCs, corporate venture, business angels, business angels’ clubs, etc.)
  • Delegate the fundraising, save time and focus on the operational activity in order to maintain stable metrics (sales, turnover)
  • Have an objective and expert outside view on fundraising issues 
  • Put all the chances on your side to succeed in raising funds

Advimotion is a financial consulting firm that assists startups and SMEs in obtaining non-dilutive financing and equity fundraising. We also act as advisors in corporate divestiture transactions to best represent the interests of sellers.

We offer strategic consulting and outsourced CFO services to ensure the financial and operational monitoring of your business. Finally, we take care of the drafting of investor documentation : business plan, pitch deck, creation of reporting files and valuation calculations.

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Fundraising coaching is an interesting option for entrepreneurs who wish to facilitate the fundraising process. Indeed, the methodology and know-how of fundraisers can be useful to entrepreneurs. Whether it is for their first time or for the most seasoned.

The different stages of fundraising support

Support for the audit phase

When managers contact a fundraiser, the first step is to audit the startup. We must study its business model and all its documents with a critical eye. All this in order to anticipate potential questions from investors.

An accompaniment in the realization of the documents for the investors

The fundraisers also accompany the entrepreneurs in the realization of the financial presentation documents such as the pitch deck or the business plan.

  • The business plan is drawn up for a 5-year horizon based on realistic business assumptions and in line with market standards. It includes: the projected income statement, the cash-flow statement and the financing plan.
  • The pitch deck is a 30 to 40 page document that presents the company, its business model, its market and its financial projections. Produced in an attractive and efficient format, the pitch deck is the support that allows the financiers to make decisions.

Support on the valuation of the startup and advice on the “ideal” amount to raise

Before contacting investors, the management team must agree on the valuation of the startup. The fundraising consultant brings his expertise by using different valuation methods (multiples method, comparison method, discounted cash-flow method).

Knowing the investors’ expectations, the fundraiser can also increase or decrease the valuation depending on the amount the entrepreneurs wish to raise. Consequently, this is a rather heavy thought process and set-up that only fundraisers master with rigor.

Support during the search for investors, during the roadshow and throughout the negotiations

Fundraisers have their own book of investor contacts built up over time. Thus, they contact investors whose profile and sector of specialization are as close as possible to the startup’s core business.

Once the contact is made, the entrepreneur can either go alone to the meetings with the investor or go with the fundraiser.

Finally, the fundraiser is present during the different phases of negotiations:

  • Negotiation of letters of intent. At this stage, the fund manager ensures that no party is prejudiced in the negotiations and that the investment is made under the best possible conditions. Thus, the fundraiser will verify the valuation, the amount of the investments and the main clauses of the latter.
  • Negotiation of the shareholder’s agreement. During this last phase of the fundraising, the fundraiser will accompany the entrepreneur in the negotiation of the shareholder agreement as well as in the legal structuring of the investment with the assistance of a lawyer. 

Thus, as we have just seen, the fundraiser’s support is global. Now, we will see what the advantages are of being accompanied throughout the fundraising process.

The advantages of support

Benefit from the fundraiser’s network

Fundraisers open their network and their portfolio of referenced professional investors (VCs, corporate venture, business angels, business angels’ clubs) in order to select the right investors and facilitate contact. 

A significant time saving

Knowing that a fundraising process lasts on average between 6 to 9 months, thanks to the fundraising support, your team will be able to stay focused on the core business of the company. And if you are a solo-entrepreneur, it will allow you to delegate a good part of the fundraising tasks while you are piloting the company’s growth. Indeed, it is important that during the fundraising phase, the startup’s metrics (sales, turnover…) remain constant or increase in order to confirm the market traction to investors.

Support during the fundraising phase : a necessary outside view

Entrepreneurs often consider their startup as their baby. By dint of working on the startup’s growth, he misses some details. Fundraising support allows him to have an objective and external view on the strengths and weaknesses of the startup. And above all, a view from a fundraising specialist.

A unique chance to make a good impression

As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a good impression”. The investment community being quite small, you only have one chance per venture capital firm to make a good impression. So isn’t it better to be accompanied and well prepared to put all the chances on your side?

Moreover, fundraisers are more familiar with investors, their codes and their expectations. This can maximize the chances of success of the fundraising. 

Thus, being accompanied to raise funds is an option not to be neglected.

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