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Advimotion, consulting firm in fundraising

Advimotion is a fundraising consultancy that assists startups and SMEs in obtaining non-dilutive financing and equity fundraising. We also act as advisors in corporate divestiture transactions to best represent the interests of sellers

We offer strategic consulting and outsourced CFO services to ensure the financial and operational monitoring of your business. Finally, we take care of the drafting of investor documentation : business plan, pitch deck, creation of reporting files and valuation calculations.

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In this article, we explain our specific methodology.

How does the process work with our fundraising consultancy ?

The kick-off meeting

At the beginning of the mission, we organize a kick-off meeting. We study the various documents produced, such as the business model. This is a sort of audit of the company carried out with a critical eye. Indeed, we will raise questions similar to those of the investors.

This first step allows our fundraising consulting firm to take stock of the situation.

Financial documentation 

We produce realistic and attractive financial documentation with a 4-week deadline (pitch deck and business plan). The objective is also to prepare for the following stages of the fundraising (due diligence, analyses requested by investors) and to set up reporting and business analysis tools. Like a CFO’s mission, you have to present investors with the right indicators.

Each year, the number of companies seeking to raise funds in France is estimated at between 18,000 and 30,000, while the number of active funds in France is estimated at between 200 and 300. There is therefore much more demand for financing than supply. A well-prepared investor documentation will considerably increase your chances of attracting investors and obtaining financing.

The pitch

Afterwards, we train you to pitch. (During “one-to-one” meetings or in front of about thirty people). We can also organize a coaching session with people working in the entertainment industry. This will give you the breathing and acting techniques to make a perfect pitch.

Once the preparation phase is over, we send the pitch deck to potentially interested investors (investment funds and business angels). You will know who has been contacted and when.

The pitch deck is a complete presentation of your project including several elements.

It includes a market problem, i.e. the problem you will try to solve by creating your company. It includes the solution, the product or service that your startup proposes. An executive summary is included and summarizes the strengths of your company, with a market study that will give investors the image of a company operating in a large and growing market.

A detailed description of your product should also be included in your pitch deck in order to evoke the elements of differentiation that allow you to stand out from your competitors. There is also a business model with pricing and comments specific to your offer. The pricing presented is in line with the data of the competitive study. Commercial references can be attached.

The pitch deck also includes a presentation of the project team, which is the most important element in the success of a startup.

A competitive study is included in order to present all the competitors and to show the existence of the market.

We then find a financial part with key figures that will introduce the next events, the projected income statement and a breakdown of the turnover.

Finally, the future recruitments are presented with the reasons for investing in the project and a description of the financing needs.


Some investors will offer you meetings. We can accompany you if you wish. Afterwards, the interested investors will propose additional meetings and will ask for information in order to deepen and better understand the project. For quick and efficient exchanges, our fundraising consulting firm will accompany you throughout the process.

Once the first letters of intent are issued, we will advise you on the amount of the investments, their main clauses and the valuation.

The letter of intent is the document summarizing all the key points of the negotiation with the investor. It includes the valuation, liquidation preferences, redemption and exit clauses, and the allocation among investors.

The valuation can be calculated by various methods of varying complexity, but the final amount of the valuation is above all the result of a negotiation, according to the law of supply and demand.

We accompany you in order to realize the investment in the best conditions.

Afterwards, the funds mandate specialized firms to audit your finances, legal documents, accounting, etc. Thanks to our upstream preparation, the process is facilitated. We remain available if necessary.

The closing – the final stage of our fundraising consultancy’s support

Finally, the closing takes place. This is the moment when the financing is realized by the investor. This is the moment when the legal documentation is signed and the funds are paid out. This stage corresponds to the moment when all the conditions precedent to the implementation of the contracts are lifted and from which the first drawings of financing can be envisaged.

On average, 6 months pass since the beginning of the mission. It is therefore a long process. Therefore, being accompanied by a fundraising consultancy is important.

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