Advimotion, consulting firm in fundraising

cabinet conseil en levée de fonds

Advimotion is a consulting firm in fundraising that has been active for over a year. We have successfully assisted several companies in their fundraising. In this article, we explain our specific methodology.

How does a fundraising with our consulting firm work? 

The kick-off meeting 
At the beginning of the mission, we organize a kick-off meeting. We study the different documents such as the business model. This is a kind of audit of the company carried out with a critical eye. Indeed, we will raise questions similar to those of the investors.

The financial documentation  
We produce realistic and attractive financial documentation with a 4-week deadline (pitch deck and business plan). The objective is also to prepare for the next steps of the fund raising (due diligence, analyses requested by the investors) and to set up reporting and business analysis tools. Like a CFO’s mission, you have to present the right indicators to investors.

The pitch
Then, we train you to pitch. (During “one-to-one” meetings or in front of about thirty people). We can also organize a coaching session with people working in the entertainment industry. This will give you the breathing and acting techniques to make a perfect pitch.
Once the preparation phase is over, we send the pitch deck to potentially interested investors (investment funds and business angels). You will know who has been contacted and when. 

The meetings
Some investors will offer you meetings. We can accompany you if you wish. Afterwards, the interested investors will propose additional meetings and will ask for information. We accompany you throughout the process to ensure that the exchanges are quick and efficient. Once the first letters of intent are issued, we will advise you on the valuation, the amount of the investments and their main clauses. The investment will be made under the best conditions.
Subsequently, the funds mandate specialized firms to audit your finances, legal documents, accounting, etc. Thanks to our upstream preparation, the process is facilitated. We remain available if necessary.

The closing
Finally, the closing takes place. This is the signing of the legal documentation and the payment of the funds. On average, 6 months pass since the beginning of the mission. It is therefore a long process. Therefore, being accompanied by a fundraising consulting firm is important 

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be able to put you in touch with managers that we have accompanied.

Advimotion, your growth partner.