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Advimotion, fundraiser start up the « why » of our existence

The role of the start-up fundraiser is becoming more and more important. Indeed, the sector of investment in young companies has evolved a lot in the last ten years. They are driving growth by creating wealth and jobs. 

Initially, investment funds focused on companies with good financial metrics (constantly growing annual revenues, increasing number of users…). Today, we are witnessing a professionalization of seed and pre-series A financing.

Advimotion is a financial consulting firm that assists startups and SMEs in obtaining non-dilutive financing and equity fundraising. We also act as advisors in corporate divestiture transactions to best represent the interests of sellers.

We offer strategic consulting and outsourced CFO services to ensure the financial and operational monitoring of your business. Finally, we take care of the drafting of investor documentation : business plan, pitch deck, creation of reporting files and valuation calculations.

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Why call on Advimotion, startup fundraiser and startup coach ?

Due to these market changes, we have decided to focus on the pre-series A segment. For some business angels, valuations and financing needs are starting to rise. Indeed, unlike investment funds, business angels do not exceed a certain amount of investment tickets (on average 20 000€ according to the BPI). Thus, the pre-series A phase has several characteristics for startups and for funders :

  • It is a risky and delicate phase to run. The model tested on a small scale must now be extended. As a result, teams are mobilized and engaged at full speed.
  • During this phase, money has already been raised. It becomes difficult to ask too much from its historical investors. The metrics are still to be built to attract investment funds. This excludes a large part of the funders. Indeed, a majority of investment funds want the business model to be validated by the market before injecting funds.

  • This is also the “pre-scale-up” phase. It is necessary to ask fundamental questions concerning the adjustment of the business model, the control of acquisition costs, strategic expenses, etc.

Thus, the start-up fundraiser has a transversal role to play in this context. Indeed, he must be the main intermediary between the startup and the investor. He must therefore master several subtleties. On the one hand, he must understand the vision of the startup’s managers. Then, he must set with them the objectives to be reached. On the other hand, the startup fundraiser must understand and master the expectations and codes of the investors. It is therefore a double mastery to converge the interests of both parties.

What does “Advimotion” mean?

Advimotion comes from the words “advi” or adviser and “motion” or movement.

Our goal is to accompany companies in their vision. Whether it is for a fund raising, a transfer or an acquisition of a company. These are perilous phases. It is necessary to have good indicators. Moreover, you have to present your activity in an attractive way. Financiers are very demanding (investment funds, business angels networks, family offices…).

The objective is to find quality financiers to move to the next level. We talk about “smart” money. To do this, the manager must be prepared to communicate effectively and to lead shareholder meetings.

Start-up fundraiser, what is our mission ?

In order to achieve these objectives, Advimotion offers 4 types of services to its clients : (i) fundraising support, (ii) support for the sale or takeover of a company, (iii) for the drafting of financial documents and, (iv) an outsourced CFO service for startups.

  • Through the fundraising support, entrepreneurs benefit from a follow-up and a complete preparation to raise funds. The complete preparation includes: an audit phase and the preparation of financial documents (pitch deck, teaser, one pager…). During the entire process of raising funds (roadshow, negotiations, due diligence, closing), the entrepreneur is followed and benefits from Advimotion’s strategic advice.
  • Regarding the support for the sale and takeover of a company, the entrepreneur also benefits from a follow-up and a complete preparation. The preparation consists of an in-depth audit of the company and then the search for potential counterparties. Finally comes the follow-up phase during the negotiations, the due diligence and the closing.

  • The assistance in the drafting of financial documents allows entrepreneurs to obtain a complete financial forecast over 5 years. Advimotion’s strength lies in the personalization of the support.
  • Finally, for startups that wish to outsource the financial management function, Advimotion can prepare the fundraising and manage the financing obtained. This service is useful for startups wishing to outsource the CFO function.

Do you want to be accompanied ?

Thanks to these services, entrepreneurs reach their objectives (handing over of funds, transfer or acquisition of the startup…). They save time during the process. They can focus on the operational management of their business.

Thus, Advimotion wants to accompany companies in this perpetual “movement” until they reach their objectives. This is the mission of a fundraiser that we promise you.

If you wish to be accompanied or advised, do not hesitate to contact Advimotion, startup fundraiser and startup coach. The first meeting is important. It allows us to know more about you, your motivations, your objectives. You will be able to discover our methodology, our values and our achievements since the creation.

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Advimotion, your partner in growth.