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The business plan to create your company

Do you have a lot of ideas for your business? You need to bring them to life and start by drawing up a business plan. The term business plan is frequently used in the business press and in books on entrepreneurship. It is essential to draw up a business plan to create your company. We tell you more!

Advimotion is a financial consulting firm that assists startups and SMEs in obtaining non-dilutive financing and equity fundraising. We also act as advisors in corporate divestiture transactions to best represent the interests of sellers.

We offer strategic consulting and outsourced CFO services to ensure the financial and operational monitoring of your business. Finally, we take care of the drafting of investor documentation: business plan, pitch deck, creation of reporting files and valuation calculations.

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What does a business plan contain?

The business plan is the culminating point in the setting up of a project. Its structure is conditioned by the market study, the choice of the business model, the legal form of the entity. In general, there are two parts, each with a different objective: an economic approach and a financial study.

The economic part of the business plan includes a presentation of the technical team, an in-depth description of the market and its potential, etc. The financial part details the cash flow plan that will have to be followed, gives an overview of the projected balance sheet and the profit and loss account obtained after the launch of the project. It is necessary to write down clear and precise data, as they will be decisive for any future decision making.

The business plan summarizes the essential points of your project. To be valid, it must describe at least :

  • the context in which the activities will take place
  • the profile of the typical customer;
  • the main strategic orientations;
  • the expected results;
  • the organizational chart of the teams involved
  • Funding arrangements for project activities;
  • the forecasts and probable development plans.

Business plan and business model: the differences!

Once you have found your business idea, the assets at your disposal, and your sales channel identified, draw up a business plan to put all these elements on the table. It must be as complete and clear as possible so that it can be used effectively during the business creation process.

The business model explains how the company will make a profit, how it will deal with its competitors and communicate with suppliers and other business partners. The business plan, which is broader in scope, outlines the company’s overall strategy over several years. It is inspired by the business model to find a positioning and determine strategic actions. These documents are therefore linked: the second is inspired by the first.

Why draw up a business plan to create your company?

Also known as a business plan, the business plan is the written version of your project. The entrepreneur must draw up a business plan to succeed in a development action. The writing of this technical document has a double objective: an economic presentation and a financial analysis of the project.

What is the importance of the business plan to create a company?

Establishing a good business plan is necessary for several reasons. It allows you to give coherence to your ideas, mainly in order to convince potential investors to support you. It is used both internally and externally. The project manager and his team coordinate their actions according to the objectives specified in the business plan.

Writing the business plan is the first step in the realization of your ideas

Drawing up a business plan draws attention to the problems that your company will have to face. It is not just about putting down the information about the project. To successfully put together your business plan, you will need to ask yourself certain questions. This will help you find the best combination of how to avoid mistakesand, to start your business, and make the best profit possible.

In addition, having a good business plan to start your business helps to set the operational framework of the activities, which facilitates the different decision making.

The business plan helps to orientate its strategic actions

It is not at all easy for an entrepreneur to set a turnover forecast. It is easier to anticipate future expenses than to speculate on the turnover. A widely used method consists in basing its forecasts according to the costs even if it is not the best strategy. It consists in trying to reach a certain break-even point.

One of the purposes of the business plan is to reach a certain turnover. This depends on the nature of your business model. As soon as you have an idea of what you want to achieve, you need to start gathering all the resources you can mobilize.

Once you have resolved these issues, you can defend the viability of the project. The business plan helps structure the financial aspect of the project. Among the documents contained in the business plan are the cash flow forecast and the initial financing plan.

These are the tools available to the project manager to evaluate the financial balance of the project. All cash flows during the first years of operation are anticipated. From these documents, you can look for possible flaws in your cash flow plan and be able to correct them before you face an emergency.

In addition, the working capital requirements will appear, giving you time to balance assets and liabilities.

The business plan is a good management tool

The business plan needs to be updated regularly, once your business has started. You need to compare and correct the forecasted figures at the end of each month. You need to make sure that the accounting documents evolve according to the projections of the business plan. If they do not, you will have to ask yourself the right questions to find out how to correct the discrepancy.

This permanent evaluation of the work done explains the efficiency of the business plan. It is then a really powerful steering tool. You can set medium and short term objectives and then work on their achievement.

The business plan is fundamental in the process of creating a company. It helps to put ideas in order and structure them, while bringing operational efficiency to the company manager and his teams. The whole procedure of writing the business plan is already part of the project realization steps and contributes greatly to its success. It requires certain skills that not all business leaders necessarily master.

We help you to create your business plan

Create a professional business plan without getting bogged down in complicated formulas. Bring your ideas to life and create a good business plan with ease thanks to a specialized agency. We help many companies to create their business plans. Use our services at a very affordable price.

We will accompany you in all the steps of creating your business plan and help you to create your company. We will guide you step by step to successfully create your business.

You certainly have questions.

Our experts are always at your disposal to enlighten you and advise you during the whole process of business creation. Thanks to their interventions, you will be able to clearly evaluate the solidity of your new business.

In addition to personalized advice on your project, you will also receive strategic orientations to help you dive right into entrepreneurship. The document you receive will be customized with your company colors and brand logo. You will receive it in a printable format.

The business plan must meet the requirements of the banks

The lack of cash flow hinders the realization of a project. Most entrepreneurs rely on bank loans. To do so, they must present a business plan in their application for financing. This document allows the banks to evaluate the profitability of the future activity. A badly done business plan will not attract them.

We use business plan templates that are highly appreciated by banks. You will be proud to present a complete business plan to credit institutions. Your file will be among the favorites and will be successful with your business partners.

A fast and quality service

Our goal is to give you a minimum of hassle. By entrusting us with the drafting of your business plan, you will no longer have to struggle with financial calculations such as depreciation or working capital calculations.

As soon as our experts take charge of your project, all you have to do is send us the basic information to build your business case. You can then focus your attention on what is essential and leave the time-consuming calculations to us.

Your skills are no longer an obstacle to the realization of your projects

Some people think that you have to be a financial professional to build and use a business plan. Our coaching packages include training sessions to teach you how to use and exploit your business plan effectively.

You will be delighted to understand and master all the power of the business plan during the creation of your company. We’ll be with you every step of the way, before, during, and after your business is up and running.

Understand the trends and key indicators of your market

Thanks to our services, you will have a clear and broad vision of all the key indicators conditioning the evolution of your target market. Many entrepreneurs do not know how to use this data to their advantage and lack knowledge. Thanks to our coaching, you will not only receive a solid business plan, but you will also become a confirmed professional with a solid know-how in project management.

What are the steps to create your business plan?

We have many years of successful experience in writing business plans. Our dedicated and efficient experts follow several steps to make sure that you get the best business plan for your company.

Setting up a team

We will present your project to a team that will launch a first study before transmitting their ideas and recommending first corrections. This multidisciplinary team is made up of carefully selected people who are already experienced in business creation or project management.

To begin, you only have to explain your ideas succinctly. This first overview is one page long and allows us to understand what your project consists of. It is about presenting us the essential points of your activity.

Market study

Very quickly, our panel of experts will start looking for information concerning the situation of your market and will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. They will carry out a complete market study to help you judge the appropriateness of your offer compared to existing products.

They will do an in-depth study to dissect the parameters of your target market: customer typology, activities, geographical location, etc. At the end of this study, you will receive a report containing the trends and forecasts of your business sector. A first segmentation of customers will also be made.

Their study will reveal the opportunities that are available to you. They will make sure that your competitors’ weaknesses become competitive advantages to give even more strength to your project.

Positioning your products and services

Once you have identified your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, you will need to choose a different positioning to gain market share. As a newcomer, you must absolutely find an offer capable of supplanting the products of other brands. With the business plans we will write for you, it will be easier for you to reach your goals.

We will advise you in the process of creating value and developing your products. Nothing is left to chance. We will include in your business plan effective strategies to help you beat the competition. We’ll give you techniques to deliver a high-performance product that better meets the needs of your customers. We will detail all this in your business plan.

Implementation of an effective action plan

We will work on setting up an action plan in line with your objectives. You will receive a detailed explanation on how to achieve it and will receive regular advice and we will make sure that the data on the progress of the project is consistent. With our services, you can set ambitious goals for yourself. We will find the best way to achieve them, depending on the means at your disposal.

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